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Origin of the name HAM.
Etymology of the name HAM.
Meaning of the baby name HAM.


HAM (חָם).  Biblical.

    (1)  [Hebrew Hham = "warm," "hot"; Assyrian Khammu = "burned," "black"].
    The youngest son of Noah, born about his five hundredth year (Gen. v. 32; vi. 10; ix. 24).  At the time of the deluge he was married, but had no children (Gen. vii. 7; 1 Peter iii. 20).  After that event he behaved very undutifully to his father, on occasion of the latter's great sin.  Though for some reason the curse which this conduct evoked was pronounced against Canaan, yet, doubtless, it was intended also for Ham (Gen. ix. 22-27).  Ham became the father of four children, Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan, from whom were descended the Ethiopians, the Egyptians, the Somalis (?), and the Canaanites. 
    (2)  [Hebrew Hham, from Egyptian Kam = "black," so called from the colour of the alluvial mud of the Nile (Birch)].
    Egypt.  Used in the Bible only in poetry (Psalms lxxviii. 51; cv. 23, 27; cvi. 22).
    (3)  [Hebrew Ham, הַם, remote derivation unkown.  The initial Hebrew letter is different from that in Nos. 1 and 2.  Perhaps the same as Ammon].
    A place where Chedorlaomer defeated the Zuzims (Gen. xiv. 5).  Schwartz, followed by Tristram, proposed to identify it with the ruins called by Palmer, Hammat Animah, and by Ibn Tarifa, Hameitat, on the east side of the Roman road, a mile north of Rabbah or Rabbath Ammon. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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