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Origin of the name HARALD.
Etymology of the name HARALD.
Meaning of the baby name HARALD.


HARALD.  From Old Norse Haraldr (q.v.), Teutonic Harivald (q.v.), meaning army wielder" or "warrior power."  Usage: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.

    The single warrior was her in the North, hari in Germany, and as ar is often found at the end of names.  Many German critics translate the word by the army, instead of the warrior; but Professor Munch considers that the warrior, hari, was the original meaning, and that herjar, his plural, afterwards came to mean the army...  Harald soon became one of the most renowned northern names.  Harald Harfagre, or the fair-haired, was he who vowed never to trim his locks till he was sole king of Norway, and thus sent Thorer the Silent to Iceland, and Rolf-ganger to Normandy.  Harald Krake, king of Sleswig, was baptized in the presence of Louis le Debonnaire, and used the already mentioned vow to forsake Thunner, Seaxnot, and all their works.  He afterwards introduced St. Anschar to Denmark, but like all the first Christian kings of Scandinavia, was himself expelled from his realm by his subjects.  Harald Hardrada, or the resolute, was the very crown of the poetic sea-kings of Norway, meeting with romantic adventures in Constantinople, singing the praises of his Russian bride all across the sea, exchanging gallant messages with his namesake Harold Godwinson at Stamford Bridge, and dying as poetically as he had lived at the foot of his banner Landwaster... (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).


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