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Origin of the name HRODGAR.
Etymology of the name HRODGAR.
Meaning of the baby name HRODGAR.


HRÖDGAR.  Old Danish form of Old Norse Hróðgeirr (q.v.), meaning "famous spear."  It is the same as old German Hruodgar. (The Teutonic Name-system &c., Ferguson, 1864)

HROÐGAR.  Anglo-Saxon name meaning "famous spear," from Old English hr/hre (OHG hruod) "glory, honor, renown," and gr "point of an arrow or spear; arrow, spear, dart, javelin, missile." (A Handy Poetical Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, Baskervill, 1885). Also spelled Hrothgar.  It is the same as Teutonic Hruodgar.  It appears in Beowulf.  It became unused after the Normans introduced Norse Hróðgeirr to Britain, which yielded the more familiar Roger

... Beowulf opens with a few verses in praise of the Danish kings, especially Scild, the son of Sceaf.  His death is related, and his descendants briefly traced down to HroðgarHroðgar, elated with his prosperity and success in war, builds a magnificent hall, which he calls Heorot.  In this hall Hroðgar and his retainers live in joy and festivity, until a malignant fiend, called Grendel, jealous of their happiness, carries off by night thirty of Hroðgar's men, and devours them in his moorland retreat... (History of English Poetry from the Twelfth to the Close of the Sixteenth Century, Hazlitt, v.2, 1871)


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