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Origin of the name HROTHWULF.
Etymology of the name HROTHWULF.
Meaning of the baby name HROTHWULF.


HROTHWULF.  Anglo-Saxon name meaning "famous wolf," from hr/hre (OHG hruod, ON. hrothr) "fame, praise," and wulf "wolf."  It is the same as Old Norse Hródúlfr, which see. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)

... The chief sanctuary of the Danes was at Leire.  This was no doubt a sanctuary of great antiquity.  It is the home of the famous kings of the 6th cent., Hróarr and Hrólfr Kraki (the Hrothgar and Hrothwulf of Beowulf).  In Ynglinga Saga, 5, it is said to have been the home of the goddess Gifjón and her husband Skjöldr, the eponymous ancestor of the Skjöldungar (A.S. Scyldingas), the Danish royal family.  Like Upsala, the locality is remarkable for its barrows, some of which date from the earliest times... (Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, Hastings, 1922)


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