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Origin of the name HUSAM.
Etymology of the name HUSAM.
Meaning of the baby name HUSAM.


HUSAM (حسام).  Arabic name meaning "sword-blade."

    Every Mamlūk had (1) a proper name, such as Ketbugha, Lāgīn, Beybars, Kalaūn, generally of Tartar derivation; (2) a surname or honourable epithet, as Husām-ed-dīn, "Sword-blade of the Faith," Nūr-ed-dīn, "Light of the Faith," Nāsir-ed-dīn, "Succourer of the Faith;" (3) generally a pseudo-patronymic as Abu-l-Feth, "Father of Victory," Abu-n-Nasr, "Father of Succour;" (4) if a Sultan, an epithet affixed to the title of Sultan or King, as El-Melik Es-Sa'īd, "The Fortunate King," El-Melik En-Nāsir, "The Succouring King," El-Melik El-Mansūr, "The Victorious King;" (5) a title of possession, implying, by its relative termination y or ī, that the subject has been owned as a slave (or has been employed as an officer or retainer) by some Sultan or Lord, as El-Ashrafy, "The Slave or Mamlūk of the Sultan El-Ashraf," El-Mansūry, "The Mamlūk of the Sultan El-Mansūr."  The order of these titles was as follows:  first the royal title, then the honourable surname, third the patronymic, fourth the proper name, and last the possessive:  as Es-Sultān El-Melik El-Mansūr Husām-ed-dīn Abu-l-Feth Lāgīn El-Mansūry, "The Sultan, Victorious King, Sword-blade of the Faith, Father of Victory, Lāgīn, Mamlūk of the Sultan El-Mansūr."  It is usual, in abbreviating these numerous names, to style a Sultan by his title, El-Mansūr, or by his proper name, Lāgīn, &c., omitting the rest, while a Noble (Amīr) is conveniently denoted by his proper name alone.  It may be added that the word ibn, of frequent occurence in these pages, means "son;" as, Ahmad ibn Tūlūn, "Son of Tūlūn." (The Art of the Saracens in Egypt, Lane-Poole, 1886)


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