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Origin of the name HAGAR.
Etymology of the name HAGAR.
Meaning of the baby name HAGAR.


HAGAR (حجر).  m. A variant of Arabic Hajar (q.v.), meaning "stone." (American Journal of Philology, v.10, 1889)

HAGAR.  m.  The Hieroglyphic form of the name of a king of the XXIXth Egyptian dynasty who was called Achoris by the Greeks.  He joined Evagoras, king of Kypros, in his war against Artaxerxes II., and was defeated by him B.C. 393.  He reigned eight years. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876). 

HAGAR (הָגָר).  fBiblical. [Hebrew Haghar = "flight"].

An Egyptian "maid servant" or "bond-woman" (Gen. xxi. 12), belonging to Sarai, or Sarah, Abraham's wife.  At the request of Sarah, Abraham took her as a concubine; procedure which in that twilight period of the Church's history was not deemed wrong.  When she found herself with child, she gave herself airs before her mistress, who was so much annoyed that she treated Hagar harshly, on which the bond-servant ran away.  An angel of God found her at a fountain between Shur and Bered, and after revealing to her in consoling tones the future of the child she was to bear, persuaded her to return to her mistress.  Hagar being greatly pleased that she, a poor slave, was not too much an outcast to be forgotten by God, called the name of the place Beer-Lahai-Roi (q.v.): "the well of him who lived and sees me" (Gen. xvi. 1-16).  She then returned to her mistress, and in due time gave birth to Ishmael.  Some years later, Sarah herself became the mother of Isaac.  A great feast was made when he was weaned.  While it was in progress, Sarah saw Ishmael mocking, and desired Abraham to send away both him and his mother.  Abraham was grieved, for he loved his eldest son, but Sarah was resolute, and an angel appearing, directed him to comply.  So giving her bread and a skin bottle of water, he early one morning sent her out upon the world.  She wandered in the wilderness of Beer-sheba, and cast Ishmael under one of the shrubs, that she might not have the pain of seeing him die of thirst.  If the shrubs were of any magnitude and luxuriance, this rendered it certain that water was not far off, and the angel of God directed her to a well in the vicinity, where the skin bottle was speedily re-filled and she and her son saved from a dreadful death.  The future of Ishmael was then again revealed.  The last we hear of Hagar is her taking a wife for her son out of the land of Egypt, whence she herself had originally come (xxi. 1-21). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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