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Origin of the name IDUNN.
Etymology of the name IDUNN.
Meaning of the baby name IDUNN.


IÐUNN.  Old Norse name, literally meaning "she who loves work," from idja (work) an unna (love); allegorically rendered "fairy" or "spirit."  Also see Idun, Iduna, and Idune.  In mythology, she is an apple-maid, and wife of the god Brage (Bragi).

... Athene, who was certainly a heathen maid, may be connoted with Idunn of Scandinavia, who keeps the apples which symbolize the ever-renewing and rejuvenating force of Nature.  Tradition persistently associates Eden with an apple, although Holy Writ contains nothing to warrant the connection:  similarly tradition says that Eve had a daughter named Ada:  as Idunn was said to be the daughter of Ivalde we may equate Idunn, the young and lovely apple-maid, with Ada or Ida, and Ivalde, her mother with the Old Wife, or Ive Old.  In an earlier chapter we connected Eve with happy, Hob, etc., and there is little doubt that Eve, "the Ivy Girl," was the Greek Hebe who had the power of making old men young again, and filled the goblets of the gods with nectar.
    Idunn, "the care-healing maid who understands the renewal of youth," was, we are told, the youthful leader of the Idunns or fairies: in present-day Welsh edyn means a winged one, and ednyw a spirit or essence.  It is said that from the manes of the horses of the Idunns dropped a celestial dew which filled the goblets and horns of the heroes in Odin's hall; it is also said that the Idunns offer full goblets and horns to mortals, but that these, thankless, usually run away with the beaker after spilling its contents on the ground.  There must be an intimate connection between the legend of the fair Idunns, and the fact that at the Caledonian Edenhall, on the river Eden, is preserved an ancient goblet known as The Luck of Edenhall:

If this glass do break or fall
Farewell the luck of Edenhall.

The river Eden flows into the Solway Firth, possibly so named because the Westering Sun must daily have been seen to create a golden track or sun-way over the Solway waters.  Ptolemy refers to Solway Firth as Ituna Estuarium, so that seemingly Eden or Ituna may be equated not only with the British rivers Ytene and Aeithon, but also with the Egyptian Aten. (Archaic England, Bayley, 1920)


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