Origin of the name ISINGOMA.
Etymology of the name ISINGOMA.
Meaning of the baby name ISINGOMA.


ISINGOMA.  African.  From Zulu isi-Ngoma, meaning "necromancer; witch-doctor."

    um or isi-Ngoma, n. 1. = is-Angoma.
    is-Angoma, n. Necromancer, so-called "witch-doctor", Native diviner = is-Anusi, um-Ngoma.  Cp. i(li)-Dhlozi; um-Lozi [Gr. nekros, dead; manteia, divination; Lat. augur, soothsayer; Gr. magos, one of the magi or tribe of dream-interpreters; Sw. Ga. ngoma, drum (comp. Zulu custom of beating a hide during a witch-doctor's ceremonies); cp. Sw. ganga, practise medicine; uguza, to doctor; Ga. mluzi, medicine-man; Z. um-Lozi, q.v. and i-Nyanga q.v., both of which latter are other titles for an is-Angoma]. (A Zulu-English Dictionary with Notes on Pronunciation, Bryant, 1905).


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