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Origin of the name IZDUBAR.
Etymology of the name IZDUBAR.
Meaning of the baby name IZDUBAR.


IZDUBAR.  "Mass of Fire."  According to the newly discovered Izdubar Tablets an early mythical Assyrian hero, who was probably a form of the solar deity.  He was a great chieftain, and delivered the city of Erech when it was assailed by the giants.  He had for his wife the goddess Ishtar, who proved unfaithful to him, and sent some monstrous bulls to destroy him.  These animals he was enabled to slay by the assistance of his faithful friend and adviser the deified sage Heabani, who was ultimately killed by an unknown insect or reptile called a Tambukki.  Izdubar afterwards becoming afflicted with a cutaneous malady, went by the advice of his boatman Urhamsi to seek the sage Adrahasis, who having survived the Deluge, was supposed to be able to cure him of his malady.  Adrahasis complied with his request, and related to him in considerable detail the legend of the flood.  Upon returning to Erech Izdubar set up a monument in memory alike of his cure and of the story related by his benefactor, and then by the aid of enchantment had the soul of Heabani raised up to commune with him.  Izdubar seems after these events to have become a king, but his history is so mixed up with a mythological series of legends that his real character is uncertain, as also are of course his parentage and date.  As he had a chief companion named Zaidu, who was also a hunter, he may have been the same as the following.  Izdubar, a very early Chaldean king called the "Powerful King."  He was succeeded by his son Zaidu, "the Hunter."  Gisdhubar is a variant form. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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