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Origin of the name JOSEPH.
Etymology of the name JOSEPH.
Meaning of the baby name JOSEPH.


JOSEPH.  [Heb. Yoseph = "he will add" (Gesenius); "adding" (margin of A.V.).  Or perhaps a contraction of Yehoseph = "Jehovah will add"].  Yonge renders the name "addition."  Usage: America, England, France, Germany.

     (1) The eleventh of Jacob's twelve sons, the elder son of Rachel, who, when she gave him birth, said, "The Lord add to me another son," and therefore called his name Joseph (Gen. xxx. 22-24由.V.).
     (2) The father of Igal, the representative spy from the tribe of Issachar (Numb. xiii. 7).
     (3) A son of Asaph.  He was a musician in the reign of David (1 Chron. xxv. 2).  He drew the first lot in his "charges" (verse 9).
     (4) A "son" of Bani.  He was induced by Ezra to put away his foreign wife (Ezra x. 42).
     (5) A priest in the family of Shebaniah, in the days of the high priest Joiakim (Neh. xii. 14).
     (6) The son of Jonam, and the father of a certain Judas in the ancestry of our Lord (Luke iii. 30由.V.).
     (7) [Josech] (Luke iii. 26輸.V.).
     (8) The son of Mattathias, and the father of Jannai, in the ancestry of our Lord (Luke iii. 24, 25由.V.).
     (9) The son of Heli, and the betrothed husband of the Virgin Mary (Luke iii. 23).  In Matt. i. 16 the name of his father is given as Jacob.  It was to Joseph that the angel announced the approaching birth of a Child, miraculously conceived by the Virgin Mary, and intimated to him the purity of his affianced bride. 
     (10) The same as Joses (1) (q.v.) (Matt. xiii. 55由.V.).
     (11) A Jewish dignitary born at Arimathæa.  He was a member of the Sanhedrin.  He was a disciple of Jesus, but like Nicodemus, the only other member of the governing body, he was fearful of publicly committing himself; but both became more courageous when they saw the crucifixion.  Joseph of Arimathæa
boldly went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus, offering for its reception his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in a rock (Matt. xxvii. 57-60; Mark xv. 43-45; Luke xxiii. 50-53; John xix. 38).  The act immortalised Joseph, whose praise has been proclaimed throughout every part of Christendom.
     (12) A Christian called also Barsabbas (Aramaic = "son of Sabbas"), and Justus (Latin = " a just man").  He was one of two who were considered worthy of filling the vacancy among the apostolic twelve produced by the apostacy of Judas, but the "lot" fell upon Matthias, and we hear no more of Joseph Barsabbas (Acts i. 20-26
由.V.). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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