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Origin of the name KEGHANOUSH.
Etymology of the name KEGHANOUSH.
Meaning of the baby name KEGHANOUSH.


KEGHANOUSH.  Armenian name, probably meaning "sweet beauty," from a compound of kegha and noush "sweet."  Kegha looks to be from the same root, kegh, as Turkish keghakun/kegham, "beautiful."
    There is a Keghanoush Kavafian amongst a list of undergraduates in the Calendar for 1901-1902 for the American College for Girls at Constantinople.

    Der S'evan-See oder Keghakun-See, Türkisch Geokhdshe derea oder blauer See.  Die Europäischen Reisenden nennen ihn den See von Erewan.  Vor Alters wurde er der Kegham oder Keghakun-See gennant und auch die Perser nennen ihn nach Chardin's Zeugnifs Dereai schirin oder schöner See, was die Uebersetzung von Kegham ist, indem dieses Wort von kegh oder keghezig herkommt.  Chardin irrt sich daher, wenn er schirin und keghakun durch süfs (kaghzr) übersetzt.  Dieser See liegt drei Tagereiseu nordöstlich von Erewan.  Sein Wasser ist süfs und der See ist in aller Welt berühmt unter der Gattung von Seen, die einen Abzug durch einen Flufs haben... (Dorpater Jahrbücher, für Litteratur, Statistik und Kunst, v.4, 1835)

... Bishr enraged at this failure of his expedition, marched against the fortress Kegha, on which he determined to wreak his vengeance.  But George the Marzbedunian was there with his few followers; he therfore sallied out and made a gallant charge upon Bishr's troops, marking his progress by heaps of slain.  Bishr had his horse's legs broken; he, however, with difficulty effected his escape, followed by his troops.  But George's followers also were so much reduced, that they were obliged to discontinue their exertions.  Upon which the inhabitants of Kegha and other fortresses, being afraid of Bish'rs future operations, left them and took refuge in other places.  Bishr on hearing this, took possession of them.
    Shortly after these events, Nusir returned again to Armenia, and took up his residence in the city of Duin... (Armenia and the Armenians, Isavertenc, 1874).


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