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Origin of the name KARNA.
Etymology of the name KARNA.
Meaning of the baby name KARNA.


KARNA (קַרְנָא).  Aramaic name meaning "horn." 

... Chap. XIV, Mishna I.  Concerning the eight kinds of vermin mentioned in the Thorah.  On what material the Phylacteries may be written.  Samuel's and Karna's experience with Rabh upon the arrival of the latter in Babylon from Palestine.  Questions put to Rabh by Karna.  Samuel's remedies given Rabh during the latter's illness.  Questions put to R. Joshua of Garthi by a Bathusee, and R. Joshua's replies,... (New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud, Rodkinson, 1903)

KARNA (कर्ण).  Hindi name, derived from the Sanskrit word karna, meaning "ear." (A Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Benfey, 1866)

CHAPTER CXCII. (Saimvara Parva)�Contd.  Vaishampayana said:�
    14.  Enraged on seeing the strength and energy of Aryuna's arms as matchless in the earth, the son of Surya, Karna, fought with greater vigour...
    15.  Parrying all the swift and strong arrows shot at him by Aryuna, Karna sent up a loud shout.  And his great feat was applauded by all the warriors... (A Prose English Translation of the Mahabharata, Dutt, 1895)


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