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Origin of the name KINELADAN.
Etymology of the name KINELADAN.
Meaning of the baby name KINELADAN.


KINÉLADAN.  A form of Kandalanu (q.v.), the name of a king of Babylonia from 648 B.C. to 627 B.C.  He was king of Assyria under the name of Assurbanipal.  Greek Kineladanos.

... In the canon of Ptolemy, Kineladan appears as a King of Babylonia as the successor of Saosdouchin.  Until the discovery of legal documents bearing the name like ours of Kan-dal-a-ni (written also Kan-da-la-nu, and Kan-da-la-ni, and Kan-dala), the passage in Ptolemy was a puzzle that tried the patience of scholars.  The solution of the mystery is due to Prof. Schrader, who starting from the statement of Berossus (preserved through Alexander Polyhistor) that Sammuges�identical with Saosduchin�was followed by his brother Sardanapalus, showed conclusively the identity of Kineladan and the famous Sardanapalus, or to give the more correct forms, Kandalani and Asurbanabal.  The latter tried the experiment of giving the Babylonians a semblance of independence, by placing the government of the country in the hands of his brother, whose name appears in cuneiform documents as Samas-sum-ukin.  It is rather strange to find the King entering upon such a policy, for several of his predecessors�Sargon and Sennacherib�who had tried the same experiement, had to pay dearly for it.  Samas-sum-ukin organized a rebellion in Babylonia, which was only put down after a severe conflict.  Asurbanabal thereupon took the government of Babylonia into his own hands, just as Sargon and Esar-haddon were obliged to do before him.  Continuing an ancient tradition, he assumed a different name as King of Babylonia from the one he bore as ruler of Assyria.  This appears to have been a concession to a theoretical independence of Babylonia and Assyria, which was never entirely lost sight of.  For the Babylonians, Asurbanabal, the King of Assyria, did not exist, but only Kineladan. (Oriental Studies, 1894).


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