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Origin of the name LILITH.
Etymology of the name LILITH.
Meaning of the baby name LILITH.


LILITH (לִילִית).  Hebrew form of Assyrian Li-lit (q.v.), derived from the Semitic element lilutuv, meaning "storm demon"; also, "nocturnal demon; succuba."  Swan derives it from Teutonic, lind-ith, meaning "a serpent." (Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905).  Usage: America, Israel.

... Burton in his Anatomy of Melancholy mentions an old Talmudical legend, to the effect that a snake was transformed into a woman, and became Adam's first wife, and was named Lilith; but, because her offspring all turned out to be snakes too, Lilith was deposed and Eve put in her place, and Lilith in revenge became a serpent again, and tempted Eve to her destruction... (Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905)

    Yeshayahu admits the existence of the Lilith, known to the Hebrews as well as the Babylonians, and called by the same name.  He says in his prophecy against Edom:  "The thorns will grow in its palaces,
brambles and thistles in its fortresses.  It will be the dwelling of jackals, the den of ostriches.  The cats of the desert will meet the wild dogs there, and the Se'ir will call thither his companion; there Lilith will have her dwelling, and will find her place of rest."
    Among the rabbins of the age of Judaism, Lilith appears as a vampire, a sort of Lamia or unclean thing, carrying off little children in order to put them to death; and is also associated with the ghoul of Arab superstition.  We do not find her retaining her early character of succuba, except in those legends in which she is spoken of as united to Adam, thus becoming the mother of numerous demons, in which connection it is said that the man who sleeps alone in a house falls into the power of the Lilith, or that any man might have the same thing happen to him with her that happened to Adam.  The book of Enoch reckons Lilith among the angels, fallen in consequence of their terrestrial loves. (Beginnings of History, Lenormant, 1899)


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