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Origin of the name LAZARUS.
Etymology of the name LAZARUS.
Meaning of the baby name LAZARUS.


LAZARUS.  Biblical. [Latin Lazarus; Greek Lazaros, from Hebrew Eleazar = "to whom God is a help," "whose help is God"].

    (1) The name given to the beggar in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.  He sat at the gate of the rich man desiring to be fed with the "crumbs" which fell from his sumptuously-furnished table.  He was also afflicted with sores, which the dogs in compassion licked. Nothing is said of his and nothing of the rich man's character; but when they died they found their relative positions the opposite of those they occupied on earth, Lazarus being carried by angels into Abraham's bosom, while the rich man went to the place of woe.  At first sight it might appear that the one was rewarded simply for being poor, and the other punished for being rich; but the hint that the rich man's brothers, who evidently lived exactly as he had done, did not believe Moses and the prophets, and as to their life needed repentance, shows that a moral element entered into the case, and that conduct, not position, decided their ultimate destiny (Luke xvi. 19-31).
    (2) A member of the family of Bethany, and brother of Martha and Mary.  He was an object of deep affection not only to his sisters, but to Jesus, which speaks well for his character.  He was chosen for the signal honour of being raised from the dead, and when he fell sick with a disease destined to be fatal, Jesus abode two days where He was, to give him time to die.  Our Lord knew that if He went at once He would be asked to heal the sickness, and the greater miracle would not take place.  At length He started for Bethany, and being met by Martha outside the village, had that all-important conversation with her in which He used the words beginning "I am the Resurrection and the Life."  Then Mary was sent for by her sister, and came.  Both greatly regretted that Jesus had not been present to prevent the death, but at first neither of them clearly understood that He could, if He so desired, raise the dead.  Instead of going on to the house, He asked His way to the sepulchre, which was of the usual kind then in use among the Jews, namely, a cave either natural or artificial in a face of rock.  After the stone had been rolled away, and our Lord had put up a prayer to His Heavenly Father, He said in hearing of all present, "Lazarus, come forth!" and, awaking to life, he came.  His grave-clothes were then exchanged for ordinary raiment, and he was once more a living member of the household at Bethany (John xi. 1-54).  He was present six days before the passover at a supper in the house made in honour of his great Benefactor (xii. 1, 2).  The extent to which his restoration to life tended to bring new followers to Jesus so irritated the Jewish authorities that they plotted to put to death both the object of the miracle and the miracle-Worker (10, 11).  This is the last mention of Lazarus in Scripture.  The plot to take his life does not seem to have been carried out, and in due time he doubtless died a second death, the time, the place, and the circumstance of which are all unknown. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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