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Origin of the name LUCAS.
Etymology of the name LUCAS.
Meaning of the baby name LUCAS.


LUCAS.  Biblical.  Latin form of Luke.  [N.T. Greek Loukas, from Latin Lucanus = "of Lucania," a province in Italy.  Lucus = "a sacred wood," "a grove"]. 

... When Brastias beheld Lucas the butler, that lay like a dead man under the horse feet, and even Sir Griflet did marvellously for to rescue him, and there were always fourteen knights on Sir Lucas, then Brastias smote one of them on the helm that it went to the teeth, and he rode to another and smote him that the arm flew into the field... (Le morte Darthur, Malory, 1903).  He is also called Lucan.

... A friend of St. Paul's, described by the apostle as "the beloved physician" (Col. iv. 14), who joined with him in sending salutations from Rome to the Colossian Church.  He was with Paul in that capital, also when the epistle to Philemon was written (Philemon 24).  The A.V. calls him Lucas; the R.V., more consistently, gives him his usual name of Luke.  He  He was still with Paul when the apostle sent off his last epistle--the second to Timothy (2 Tim. iii. 11).  These are all the notices of Luke by name in the New Testament epistles, for he must not be confounded with the Lucius of Acts xiii. 1 or that of Rom. xvi. 21.  The name of Luke is prefixed to the third gospel, and the writer of that work penned also the Acts of the Apostles (cf. Acts i. 1 with Luke i. 3).  If so, then the author of the third gospel and of the "Acts" must be identified with the person unnamed who was Paul's associate during a great part of his wanderings.  At what time and place did he first join the apostle?  This can be settled precisely if note is taken of the fact that up to Acts xvi. 8, which records the arrival at Troas, the pronouns used in recording the movements of Paul and his party are "he," "they," etc.  (Acts xiii. 4, 13, 14, 50; xv. 41; xvi. 1).  These are exchanged at xvi. 10 for "we"; and "we" or "us" continue with occasional intermissions to the end of the book.  Luke, therefore, first joined the apostle at Troas, and was with him during most of his subsequent wanderings, not excepting the shipwreck at Malta and the prison-residence at Rome.  (For details, see Acts of the Apostles.  The time and manner of his death are unknown. 
    ¶ The Gospel according to St. Luke—The third gospel in order in the New Testament, and apparently the third also in date.
(The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894). 


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