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LUTFI (لطفي).  From the Hindustani vocabulary word lutf (benignity), hence "benign, harmless."  It is related to Arabic Latif, which see. (A Smaller Hindustani and English Dictionary, Forbes, 1861)

Lutfi (957=1550), the Grand Vezir and brother-in-law of Sultan Suleyman, was by birth an Albanian.  Unlike his predecessor, Ayaz Pasha, Lutfi Pasha entertained a profound contempt for women.  A quarrel with his wife, in which he was guilty of outrageous misconduct, occasioned his disgrace.  Suleyman, highly displeased, took the Princess away from him, dismissed him from office, and banished him to Demitoka, where he died.  Lutfi wrote several works during his exile, conspicuous among which is a history of the Ottoman Empire brought down to twelve years before his own fall. (Ottoman Poems, Gibb, 1882)


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