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Etymology of the name LUAN.
Meaning of the baby name LUAN.


LUAN.  m. Albanian name, derived from the vocabulary word luan, meaning "lion."
    Luan Pinari, an Albanian football defender. (Wiki)

LUAN.  f.  Irish name having several possible derivations:  1)  from Gaelic luan, meaning "fair, white"; 2)  from Irish luan, meaning "moon"; 3)  from Celtic luan, meaning "lamb."
    Luan Parle, an Irish singer and songwriter. (Wiki)

    Luan, 160, adj. "fair," "white" is = the Ir. luan "moon," W. lleu-ad, perhaps the Pictish luan in the man's name Cath-luan. (Goidelica, Old and Early-Middle-Irish Glosses, Prose and Verse, Stokes, 1872)

    There is another word for a lamb, not in such common use as uan, namely luan; from which Maloon near Cookstown derives its nameŚMaghluan, the plain of the lambs... (Origin and History of Irish Names of Places, Joyce, v.2, 1902)


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