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Origin of the name MA-KA-RA.
Etymology of the name MA-KA-RA.
Meaning of the baby name MA-KA-RA.


MA-KA-RA.  Egyptian.  The second title of Queen Hatasu, which see. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).  Also written Makara.

... Lysimachus, again, connects Moses with an Exodus of lepers, though the Egyptian king is by him called Bocchoris, a name that agrees with no king of that period known to Egyptologers, and which therefore probably refers to Makara, who reigned jointly with the above-named Touthmosis, for we read, in Bunsen, ii. 532, that "Hatasu reigned as Ma-ka-ra or Makara: first of all in the name of her elder brother, Tuthmosis II., then in that of her younger brother, Tuthmosis III., and probably, therefore, she was the eldest child of Tuthmosis I;" Cooper states, in his Archaic Dictionary, that Makara was the title of the Queen Regent, daughter of Thothmes I. and Regent during the reign of Thothmes II. and part of Thothmes III., and that she invaded Arabia.  Makara, therefore, was probably the very woman who is spoken of as "Pharaoh's daughter" in the Bible, who found Moses among the flags by the river and adopted him, finally hating him as much as she had loved him, and eventually driving him out, for Makara evidently lived very long and had no children; in coming to the conclusion that, the Biblical Pharaoh's daughter who found Moses, is this Makara, I do not overlook the fact that Josephus calls her "Thermuthis, the "king's daughter," for I consider this rather supports the view, as, in all probability, he was compiling from some source which really read "the daughter of King Thothmes," and which he, not being an Egyptian, very pardonably misunderstood.  At any rate, Makara, with the Greek terminal ς, viz. Makaras may readily have been corrupted into Bocchoris.  There can be no doubt, however, that it is the expulsion of Moses that Lysimachus is writing of;... (The New Nation, Morris, v.2, 1880).


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