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Origin of the name MESKHENET.
Etymology of the name MESKHENET.
Meaning of the baby name MESKHENET.


MESKHENET.  Egyptian name meaning "destiny, fortune," and perhaps everything else underlying Shai and Renenet.

... In the Papyrus of Anhai two of these objects appear, one on each side of the balance; they are described as Shai and Renenet, two words which are translated by "Destiny" and "Fortune" respectively.  It is most probable, as the reading of the name of the object is Meskhenet, and as the deity Meskhenet represents sometimes both Shai and Renenet, that the artist intended the object to represent both deities, even though we find the god Shai standing below it close to the standard of the balance.  Close by the soul stand two goddesses called Meskhenet and Renenet respectively; the former is, probably, one of the four goddesses who assisted at the resurrection of Osiris, and the latter the personification of Fortune, which has already been included under the Meskhenet object above, the personification of Destiny.
    It will be remembered that Meskhenet accompanied Isis, Nephthys, Heqet, and Khnemu to the house of the lady Rut-Tettet, who was about to bring forth three children.  When these deities arrived, having changed their forms into those of women, they found Ra-user standing there.  And when they had made music for him, he said to them, "Mistresses, there is a woman in travail here;" and they replied, "Let us see her, for we know how to deliver a woman."  Ra-user than brought them into the house, and the goddesses shut themselves in with the lady Rut-Tettet.  Isis took her place before her, and Nephthys behind her, whilst Heqet hastened the birth of the children; as each child was born Meskhenet stepped up to him and said, "A king who shall have dominion over the whole land," and the god Khnemu bestowed health upon his limbs... (Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life, Budge, 1900).


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