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Origin of the name MIREILLE.
Etymology of the name MIREILLE.
Meaning of the baby name MIREILLE.


MIREILLE.  Modern French form of Provençal Mirèio (q.v.), from old Occitan Mirèlha (q.v.), meaning "admirable."  The Italians have Mirella.

Mireille, a romantic opera in four acts by Charles Gounod.  Words by Paul Carré, after the story "Miréo" by Frédéric Mistral.
    This dainty work was first seen at Paris, 1878.  Its scene is the south of France, in the recent past.
    The first act discovers Mireille, the daughter of Ramon, a wealthy farmer, in a mulberry plantation, surrounded by a village girls and neighbors, who rally her on her affection for Vincent, a handsome but poor youth.  The girl, being very naive, admits her passion without reservation.  Taven, a reputed witch, cautions her not to bare her heart too quickly.
    The second act opens with a chorus and dance in the arena at Arles, where Mireille and Vincent meet again.  But Taven warns her that she has heard Ourrias, a wealthy but semi-savage cattle owner, boast that he would wed her.  Ourrias is repulsed by Mireille and reports these facts to Ramon, who vows that his daughter shall obey him.
    In the third act a harvest festival is being celebrated, and Andreloun, a poor shepherd boy, enters playing his bagpipe.  Ramon and his whole household are in festive mood, but Mireille cannot shake off her melancholy.  News is brought that Ourrias, the suitor favored by her father, has met Vincent and attacked him with a trident, injuring him seriously.  Taven nurses Vincent and predicts his recovery, but Mireille wants to implore the aid of heaven, and undertakes a pilgrimage to the shrine at the St. Mary's Church, situated in the Cro, a desert region.
    In the last act the two lovers meet at the famous shrine, where Vincent opens his arms to his sweetheart.  There is religious music, and the pilgrim's march is chanted.  This and the presence of Vincent restore Mireille once more to sanity, and her father, Ramon, at last relents. (Standard Operaglass, Huneker, 1920)


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