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Origin of the name MONYNNA.
Etymology of the name MONYNNA.
Meaning of the baby name MONYNNA.


MONYNNA.  From the Irish term of endearment Mo-nin, meaning "my dear Nun." 

    Monynna, daughter of Mochta, of the diocese of Armagh, received the veil from S. Patrick, and laboured in the North of Ireland.  Her principal foundation was Fochard, near Dundalk.  She can not have lived beyond 520.
    Monynna, disciple of S. Ibar, can not have been the same as the preceding; her sphere was in the South of Ireland, and she lived somewhat later than the former.
    According to the "Vita," Monynna associated with herself eight virgins and a widow who joined her along with her little son Lugaid by name, who afterwards became a bishop.  She placed herself under the direction of Bishop Ibar, of Begeri in Wexford Harbour.
    Hearing of the virtues of S. Bridget, Monynna visited her, and placed herself with this saint for a while, and was constituted portress of the establishment at Kildare.  Then she returned again to Ibar, who commended to her charge a girl of whom he had formed a high opinion.  Monynna, however, with a woman's eye, saw through her at once, and said to the bishop, "I have a shrewd notion that this young woman and I will never agree, and that in the end one of us will have to go."  And, in fact, after some years this girl headed a faction in the convent against Monynna, that led to the expulsion of the abbess with fifty of her nuns who clave to her.
    When thus turned out of her own house, Monynna went back to S. Bridget.  As Bridget died in 525, this took place at the beginning of the 6th century.  Thus this Monynna was beginning her monastic education when the other Monynna of the North of Ireland was drawing to the end of her days.
(Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, vol. 15, 1906)


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