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Origin of the name MELEAGER.
Etymology of the name MELEAGER.
Meaning of the baby name MELEAGER.


MELEAGER.  The Latin form of Greek Meleagros (q.v.).  In mythology, one of Jason's Argonauts and slayer of the Calydonian boar.  The name may mean "particoloured," as a guinea-fowl, and may signify "a Pict."

... In the Meleager story Oenopion, who instituted the boar-hunt in Chios, is called Oeneus, and is King of Calydon, a name curiously resembling the older spellings of Angus of the Caledonian part of Britain.  Oeneus, also meaning "wine," had neglected to sacrifice to the Moon goddess, who caused his territories to be ravaged by the Caledonian boar.  His son Meleager kills the animal, but his death is caused by a quarrel about its hide, which he wished to lay at the feet of Atalanta.  All we would say is, the Diarmait legend and the above are of a common stock.
    We do not venture on a traslation of the name Meleager; but a guinea-fowl, with its white-spotted plumage, is called meleagris, and the parti-coloured badger, which we will also find playing a part in our legends, is meles.  Can it be that a Caledonian legend, by locality connected with what were believed to be spotted, particoloured (Picts) men, has purposely drawn upon this Greek myth?... (The Perth Incident of 1396, from a Folk-Lore Point of View, by Robert Craig Maclagan, 1905).


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