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Origin of the name MENEPTHAH.
Etymology of the name MENEPTHAH.
Meaning of the baby name MENEPTHAH.


MENEPTHAH.  "Beloved by Pthah."

    Menepthah I., the second title of Seti I. of the XIXth dynasty, the founder of the Semitic race of the Ramesside dynasty.  See Seti I.
    Menepthah II., a king of the XIXth dynasty, and the son and successor of Rameses II.  He was originally appointed governor of Memphis by his father, and to that city he removed the seat of empire, probably in order to keep in subjection the people of the Delta, who were being continually harassed by the Canaanites and Libyans.  He also raised the worship of Pthah, the local deity of Memphis, to greater honour than that of Amun.  At Paari in Libya, he fought against the Libyans and Greeks who, assisted by the Mashuash, had invaded Egypt, and defeated them with a loss on the side of the enemies of 12,535 people and 9,370 prisoners.  After this he returned to Egypt with great spoil, and carried on the important works begun by his father.  Towards the close of his reign a second foreign invasion is said to have occurred, an event which has been confounded with the exodus of Hebrew history, and of which no complete particulars remain.  Menepthah II. married a queen named Hesi-nefer-et, by whom he had a son Seti II. or Menepthah III., who succeeded him on the throne.  He reigned thirty years.
    Menepthah III., the son of Menepthah II. and Queen Hesi-nefer-et.  He was properly called Seti Menepthah II., and it is uncertain whether he immediately succeeded his father, or whether another short reign intervened between them.  According to some historians he was taken for safety to Ethiopia, during the second Semitic invasion of Egypt under Osarsiph(?).  He at first recognised the rule of the usurper Sipthah, or the pseudo-Menepthah II., and received from him the title of Viceroy of Ethiopia, but after a lapse of thirteen years (Manetho) he caused himself to be proclaimed king, and entering Thebes in triumph deposed both Sipthah and his co-adjutor Amenmeses.  He reigned for many years, but except a small temple at Thebes, has left no memorials deserving notice.  On a tablet at Abusimbel he is called a conqueror, but details of his conquests are wanting.  It is even uncertain whether Amenmeses and Tauser or Sipthah did not again succeed him on the throne.  It is however certain that he left no issue, and that with him terminated the XIXth dynasty
. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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