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Origin of the name MARIAN.
Etymology of the name MARIAN.
Meaning of the baby name MARIAN.


MARIAN.  m.  From Latin Marianus (q.v.), meaning "marine; of the sea."  Usage:  Poland, Romania.
    Marian Adam Rejewski (d. 1980), was a Polish cryptologist and mathematician. (Wiki)

MARIAN.  Unisex.  Irish.  For Gaelic Maelmuire (q.v.), meaning "servant of Mary." (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, v.7, 1862).
    m.  Marian Gorman, the Martyrologist.
    f.  Marian Keyes, an Irish novelist and non-fiction writer. (Wiki)

MARIAN.  f.  English.  From biblical Mariamne (q.v.), meaning "bitter."  Also see Marion.  Usage: America, England.
    Marian Anderson (d. 1993), was an African-American contralto.  Maid Marian, Robin Hood's sweetheart. (Wiki)

    * Marian, or as it is more frequently written Marion, is not formed, as some French writers have supposed, from Mary and Ann, but more probably from Mariamne the wife of Herod, whose name seems borrowed from that of Miriam מִרְיָם the prophetess, the sister of Aaron.  Miriam is said to come from a Syrian word signifying mistress, or from מרר marar, bitterness.  The name of Mary, evidently contracted from Miriam or Mariamne, does not occur till the time of the daughter of Joachim and Anne, the mother of Christ, at which period we find other Maries in the New Testament.  It is remarkable that Maria, from Marius, should not occur among the Roman names of women, in like manner as we have Julia, Cornelia, Fulvia, Proba, Valeria, &c., from Julius, Cornelius, Fulvius, Probus, and Valerius... (The Robin Hood Garlands and Ballads, Gutch, v.1, 1850).


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