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Origin of the name MIHO.
Etymology of the name MIHO.
Meaning of the baby name MIHO.


MIHO.  m.  A variant form of Michael (q.v.), meaning "who is like Jehovah?" (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Usage:  Croatia, Serbia.
    Miho Boskovic, a Croatian water polo player. (Wiki)

MIHO.  f.  Japanese name, perhaps meaning "greatly respected."
    Miho Tanaka, a Japanese badminton player.  Miho Takagi, a Japanese actress and essayist. (Wiki)

    HO, n.  The ear, or head of rice, wheat, or any kind of grain:  ine no—, an ear of rice.
    HŌ, n.  Rule, law, usage, doctrine, precept, maxim, religious rites or practices; incantation; multiplier, or divisor in arithmetic:  kuni no hō, the laws of a country.
    MI, n.  Fruit, seed, nut; anything produced from a tree, grass, etc.:  ki no mi, the fruit of a tree;—wo musubu, to bear fruit.
    MI, n.   The body; person, self; station or condition of life.
    MI, per. pron. (coll. cont. waga mi)  I,—only used by superiors in speaking to inferiors:  mi-domo, we.
    MI, n.  The snake, one of the twelve calendar or horary signs:  mi no toki, 10 o'clock A.M.; mi no tsuki, the 4th month (o.c.).
    MI.  A term of honor or respect prefixed to words relating to the Kami or Mikado, as mi-akashi, mikoshi, miyuki, mikuruma.
    MI.  A prefix meaning:  deep, great; as, miyamaji, a mountainous road; miyuki, a deep snow. (A Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary, Hepburn, 1897)


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