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Origin of the name NIORD.
Etymology of the name NIORD.
Meaning of the baby name NIORD.


NIÖRD.  Old Norse name of a god of the sea and winds, probably meaning "north," from Teutonic nord.  Also see Niordhr.

    Niörd was god of the sea, almost equal in rank to Odin himself.  He was a very ancient deity, known to the German nations as Nairthus, and probably, like Freyr, male and female... Niörd is used in the North; and thence too, perhaps, comes Norman,...
... The story of Niörd's marriage is one of the wildest tales of later Norse mythology.  Iduna, the wife of Bragi, god of poetry, kept the apples of gold which renewed the youth of the gods.  However, Loki, having fallen into the clutches of the great frost giant, Thiassi, in the form of an eagle, only effected his release by promising to bring Iduna and her apples to Jotunheim.  He beguiled her into a forest, under pretence that he had found finer apples than her own, and there Thiassi flew away with her.  The gods began to grow old without their apples, and insisted that Loki should bring her back.  He arrayed himself as a falcon, and, flying to Jotunheim, turned Iduna into a sparrow and flew home with her, pursued by Thiassi.  The Aasir, seeing her danger, lighted a fire with chips on the walls of Asgard, which flamed up and singed Thiassi's wings, so that he fell down among them and was slain.  Afterwards, his daughter, Skadi, came to avenge his death, but was mollified by being allowed to choose a husband from the Aasir, however was only allowed the sight of the feet to select from; and thus, hoping she had taken Baldur, she obtained Niörd.  Thiassi's eyes are said to have become stars; but, as usual, the northern astronomy has been ruined by the classical, and no one knows which they are. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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