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Origin of the name NIMA.
Etymology of the name NIMA.
Meaning of the baby name NIMA.


NIMA (נִימָה, נִימָא).  f.  Hebrew.  Probably the same as the Arabic, meaning "blessed."

NIMA (نیما, نيمة).  m. Arabic name, probably meaning "blessed."  See note below.
    Nima Arkani-Hamed, American-Iranian theoretical physicist. (Wiki)

... The Arabic na'am "to live in ease and affluence, enjoy life, grant, rejoice, overwhelm with riches," nu'm "luxurious life," na'ima "well, excellent," ni'am "benefit, bounty, favor, mercy, kindness" have left a long trail behind them in western Africa.  We have the Berber nām "to approve, accede to the desires, obey," nāma "grace, favor, benefit, prosperity, abundance."  These lead to Peul nammude "to be abundant, much," nammaḍuru "great abundance," hence Nammaḍīri "the Futa, the country of abundance;" Hausa naima, nema "kindness," nima "pleasure," niam "prosperous;" Timne namfa "to thrive," namra "to satiate, be satisfied," namsarne "overeat;" Dahome neme "good;" Asante nēm "to be diligent, assiduous, sedulous, careful;" Bambara nema "God's gift, fortune, ease, satisfaction, luck;" Bambara, Malinke nyuma "good, benefaction, generous,"... (Africa and the Discovery of America, Wiener, v.3., 1922)


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