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Origin of the name NOAH.
Etymology of the name NOAH.
Meaning of the baby name NOAH.


NOAH (נֹעָה).  fBiblical.  [Greek Noua, Νουα = Hebrew Noah = "a movement," "motion" (Gesenius)].  Usage: America.

    The second daughter of Zelophehad (Numb. xxvi. 33; xxvii. 1; xxxvi. 11; Josh. xvii. 3). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894).

NOAH (נוֹחַ, נׄח).  mBiblical.  [Hebrew Noach = "rest," from nuahh = "to rest."  In N.T. Greek Noe].
    Usage: America, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Kenya.

    The eldest son of Lamech, born, by the Hebrew chronology of the A.V., about the year 2948 B.C.  He was a just man and, like Enoch, "walked with God."  The age in which he lived was so corrupt that God intimated to Noah His intention of destroying mankind by a flood.  A respite, apparently of 120 years, was given (Gen. vi. 3), which would make the first intimation of the catastrophe fall about 2469 B.C.  When Noah was about five hundred years old, he became the father of three sons, Japheth, Shem, and Ham; or Shem, Japheth, and Ham (v. 32; vi. 10; ix. 24; x. 21�A.V. and R.V.).  As the flood drew nigh, Noah was directed to make a great ark of gopher (probably cypress) wood, which might act to him like a floating vessel when the waters rose upon the earth.  He did so, and in the six hundredth year of his life entered the ark of safety with his wife, his three sons, and their wives, eight persons in all.  Accommodation had also to be found for many animals, with food for man and beast.  Noah and his household remained in the ark till the commencment of his six hundred and first year, by which time the waters had subsided.  Then at the Divine command he, with his company, left the ark and offered sacrifice of the clean animals to which he had given refuge (vi.-viii. 20).  Gracious promises were given him that no such flood as that which had passed away should ever again destroy the human race; the grant was renewed of dominion over the animals (i. 26; ix. 2); an animal as well as a vegetable diet was permitted (3-5); murder forbidden (5, 6), and the rainbow constituted a token of the covenant between God and Noah on behalf of mankind (9-11).  Afterwards the patriarch on one occasion disgraced himself by drunkenness, the only recorded blot on his character (18-27).  He lived after the flood 350 years, dying at the age of 950, about 1998 B.C. (28, 29).  Isaiah (liv. 9) and Ezekiel (xiv. 14) both allude to Noah.  Our Lord compares the days of "Noe," the Greek form of Noah, to those which should precede His own second coming (Matt. xxiv. 37): the patriarch's faith is commended in Heb. xi. 7, and Peter twice alludes to the eight saved from the Deluge when it overwhelmed the ungodly of that early time (1 Peter iii. 20; 2 Peter ii. 5).  The Greeks and Romans had a story about a flood from which only two people were saved, viz. Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha; this Deucalion may be Noah under a different name.  But the resemblances are closest between the Scripture Noah and the Sisuthros ("the wise" or "the pious") of the Deluge-Tablet. (Ibid., Hunter, 1894).


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