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Origin of the name ODOACER.
Etymology of the name ODOACER.
Meaning of the baby name ODOACER.


ODOACER.  A Latin form of Gothic Audvakr (q.v.), meaning "treasure watcher." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Rackus renders it from the Lithuanian, "the real knight" or "leader of the knights."  He has the following to say about it:

The Germans spell the name of this king "Odowakar."... Referring to the ancient chronicles, we find this name spelled thus:

Odoaceróby Jornandes (Sixth C.).
Odoaceróby Marcellinus Comes (Sixth C.).
Odoaceróby Cassiodorus (A.D. 480-575).
Odoaceróby Victor Vitensis (Fifth C.).
Odovacaróby Ennodius (A.D. 473-521).
Odovaceróby Agnelli, Liber Fontificalis (A.D. 839).
Odoacaróby Chronicon Cuspiniani (455-526).
Odoacharóby Anon. Valesii (A.D. 474-526).
Odoacharóby Paulus Diavonus (died in 799).
Ὀδόαχροςóby Procopius (A.D. 500-565).
Οδοάχρῳóby Candidus (end of V cent.).
Ουαχχαροςóby Agathias (A.D. 536-582).
Odachar and Otacharóby Eugippius c. 45.

Undoubtedly it was somewhat difficult for the Roman and Byzantian writers to spell the Herulian names, therefore they wrote them down in various ways and mostly erroneously.  If the Romans pronounced the name of this king "Odoacar, Odoachar, Otachar",óthen its meaning in Lithuanian would be "O-ta-kars", or "O-tai-Karis" (= "The real Knight"); but if they pronounced it "Odachar",óthen it would mean in Lithuanian "Vada-kars" i.e. "Vada-karis" (= "The Leader of the Knights").   And I think that in all probability his name was VADAKARIS, because there is more sense in giving a name to a newly-born "The real Knight" or "The Leader of the Knights", than such a silly name as "The Fortunate Watcher." (Guthones, Rackus, 1929)


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