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Origin of the name OSIRTESEN.
Etymology of the name OSIRTESEN.
Meaning of the baby name OSIRTESEN.


OSIRTESEN.  Osirtesen I., the second king of the XIIth dynasty, and the son of Amenemha I.  He conquered a great part of the land of Kush or Ethiopia proper, and erected fortresses to repel the incursions of the Negroes into Egypt.  A great inundation of the Nile, followed by a famine, took place in his reign, the terrors of which were alleviated by the wisdom of his chief officer Ameni.  After reigning thirty-eight years he associated Amenemha II. with himself, and then reigned jointly four years longer.  The name Osirtesen is also written Sesertesen, and Usertesen by the Continental Egyptologists.  Osirtesen I. was the original founder of the temple of Karnak, and the obelisk bearing his name at Heliopolis is the only monument of the Ancient Empire which remains in situ.
    Osirtesen II., a king of the XIIth dynasty, of whose reign nothing has been recorded.
    Osirtesen III., a king of the XIIth dynasty.  He carried on wars against the Negroes whom he forbad to enter Egypt except as traders.  He reigned thirty-eight years, and was subsequently deified by Thothmes III. of the XVIIIth dynasty.  His divine or sacerdotal name was Ra-sha-ken.  Osirtesen, an Egyptian official, the son of Hathorse, chief of the country, etc., in the reign of Amenemha II. of the XIIth dynasty.  Osirtesen, a private Egyptian, the son of Tata and the lady Hathorse.  He lived probably in the XIIth dynasty.
    Osirtesen, a "Friend of the King," "Keeper of the Treasure," and "High Officer of the Court" of an unnamed monarch of the XIIth dynasty.
    Osirtesen, an Egyptian officer in the XIIth dynasty.  He was named after a king of that name.  His wife's name was Ta-hut-senu, and he had a large family, most of whose names are lost.
    Osirtesen, an Egyptian officer, the son of Antef-aker and the lady Hotep.  His wife's name was Setap.  His period is unknown.
    Osirtesen, an Egyptian official, the son of the lady Hotep, and father of two sons who were named Khati and Hotepui respectively.  His period and position are unknown, except that they were anterior to the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Osirtesen, an Egyptian gentleman of importance, although not a state officer, in the reign of Osirtesen II. of the XIIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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