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Origin of the name PHANES.
Etymology of the name PHANES.
Meaning of the baby name PHANES.


PHANES (Φάνης).  Greek name meaning "the Apparent-one," from Greek phaino ("to bring to light").  In mythology, the name of the Orphic Demiurge.  See Brown's article below.

PHANES.  A Greco-Egyptian officer in the court of Psametik II., to whom he was commander of the Greek body guard.  He revolted to Cambyses at the period of the Persian invasion of Egypt, to the success of which his advice and treason mainly contributed. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

... The primary meaning of the word phaidmos, "famous," is that which is brought to light or made to appear, and hence that which strikes the eye remarkably.  Some of its fellow words are phaino, "to bring to light;" phane, "a torch," i.e. that-which-brings-things-to-light; and Phanes, the Apparent-one, the Orphik Demiurge, who has made, and in making has brought to light, all created things which form his "living visible garment."  Whether Hesiodos uses phaidimos, one of his epithets for Dionysos, in this primary sense, or merely in the secondary sense of "famous," is of course doubtful; but it should be remembered that Phanes in the Orphik Theogony is identified with Dionysos, and this circumstance illustrates the exceedingly important kosmogonic aspect of the Dionysiak Myth. (The Great Dionysiak Myth, Brown, v.1, 1877).


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