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Origin of the name PIANKHI.
Etymology of the name PIANKHI.
Meaning of the baby name PIANKHI.


PIANKHI.  Surnamed Mer-Amen.  A king of Ethiopia, who held Egypt under his control at the close of the XXIInd dynasty, at which time the kingdom was divided into thirteen petty principalities.  In the twenty-first year of his reign Tafnekht, king of Menouthes, and commander of the troops, incited the whole of the confederate princes to revolt, which they did, entrenching themselves under the charge of Prince Namrut in the city of Hermopolis.  This city Piankhi reduced by a sharp blockade, and then advanced to Memphis, which still held out.  After a savage siege Piankhi reduced the capital, and then received tribute and honour from the priests and the rebels.  Tafnekht escaped to Cyprus, whence he sent his submission to the king.  After this Piankhi was allowed to enter the most sacred shrines of the deities Ra and Tum, and returned to Thebes with great power and glory.  He was remarkable for his great veneration of the deity Amen, and for his clemency to the conquered.  The length of his reign and the time of his death are unrecorded.  The stele recording the victories of Piankhi is one of the longest historical documents of ancient Egypt.
    Piankhi II., a king of Ethiopia.  He succeeded Amen-meri-nut, and married the princess Amen-iritis, the sister of Shabaka, who had been regent of Egypt under the reigns of his predecessors.  He was completely subordinate to her, and was succeeded by his son-in-law, Psametik I.
    Piankhi III., surnamed Ra-user-ma, a king of the XXIInd dynasty who is only known from his statuette in the Museum of the Louvere, in which he is called a "Son of Bast" and an Erpa, or hereditary prince, apparently by virtue of his marriage with a princess of the Bubastite dynasty.
    Piankhi, the high-priest of Amen Ra in the reign of Her-hor-si-amun in the XXIst dynasty.
    Piankhi, a son of Her-hor-si-amun, of the XXIst dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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