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Origin of the name PSAMETIK.
Etymology of the name PSAMETIK.
Meaning of the baby name PSAMETIK.


PSAMETIK.  Psametik I., the son of Necho I., and petty king of Sais.  He, incited it is supposed by the Egyptian priests, took measures to consult an oracle to induce the other kings of the Dodecarchy to acknowledge him as king.  This they refusing to do he had to fly into exile, but after a few years returned with a large body of Greek mercenaries, chiefly Lydians, sent by king Gyges, he invaded the Delta, encountered the Assyrian troops at Momemphis or Menouf, defeated and drove them permanently out of Egypt, thus terminating at once the Assyrian suzerainty and the duration of the Egyptian Dodecarchy.  In return he settled his allies the Greeks in various cities of the Delta, and permitted them to be governed by their own laws, an action which caused 200,000 of his Egyptian subjects to quit Egypt, and seek a new country in Ethiopia.  He married the princess Shepenaput, the daughter of Piankhi II., and rebuilt most of the temples of Egypt, and especially enlarged the temple of Pthah at Memphis, and the Serapeum.  He then attempted to conquer Syria, but was detained at the siege of Ashdod twenty-nine years.  Psametik was the first monarch who made the study of Greek imperative in Egypt.  The last revision and collation of the great Ritual of the Dead took place in his reign.  He reigned more than fifty-two years, and was succeeded by his son Necho II.
    Psametik II., the son of Psametik I.  He claimed the throne of Ethiopia in addition to that of Egypt, and to establish a right to his desire married his aunt, the princess Neit-aker, daughter of Queen Shapenap, and granddaughter of Queen Amen-irit-is.  He reigned six years, during which he conquered Ethiopia.  He was the Psammis of the Greeks.  He was succeeded by his son Uahprahet, the Hophra of Hebrew history.
    Psametik III., the son and successor of Aahmes or Amasis II.  He ascended the throne at the advent of the Persian invasion, which he was powerless to avert.  At the very first battle the Greeks were led into Egypt by Phanes, the commander of his own Greek body guard, who had revolted to Cambyses.  In the engagement the Persian king placed in front of his army all the animals which were held sacred by the Egyptians, who were thus afraid to discharge their arrows, lest they conducted themselves impiously.  The result was an easy victory of the Persians, who then besieged Memphis, the capital, where they put to death the son of Psametik and 2000 of the principal Egyptians.  The life of the king of Egypt was spared for a short time, but being accused of taking part in a conspiracy against Cambyses, he was put to death by being compelled to drink bull's blood.  With Psametik III. ended the XXVIth dynasty and the Archaic history of Egypt.  He reigned only six months, and was the Psammenitus of the Greeks.
    Psametik, a prophet of Pthah, of Nofre-atum, and of the gods of the white temple (Memphis).  He was the son of the lady Ankh-hi.
    Psametik, a prophet and "Overseer of the Mountains of Ra."  He was the son of a functionary of the palace of the same god, who bore the name of Sheshonk.
    Psametik, a sacred scribe, the father of Neb-ankh, which see.
    Psametik, a priest or prophet of Amen Ra.  His father's name was Pe-te-khons, and the period when he lived is uncertain.
    Psametik, a prince of the the blood royal of Panki, an obscure king of the XXIVth dynasty.
    Psametik, a son of Aahmes, a king of the XXVIth (?) dynasty.
    Psametik, a royal chancellor in the XXVIth dynasty.  He was the son of Zet-pthah-auf-ankh and the lady Ise-kheb-au.
(An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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