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Origin of the name PTOLEMY ALEXANDER.
Etymology of the name PTOLEMY ALEXANDER.
Meaning of the baby name PTOLEMY ALEXANDER.


PTOLEMY ALEXANDER.  Ptolemy (IX.) Alexander.  A younger son of Ptolemy Physcon by Queen Cleopatra Cocce.  He was a mere tool in the hands of his intriguing mother, who forced him to contest the crown of Egypt with his brother Ptolemy Lathyrus, and afterwards to rule jointly with herself and him.  In B.C. 107 an outbreak of the people of Alexandria against Lathyrus recalled him from his own petty kingdom of Cyprus to the sole empire of Egypt.  His throne being still claimed by his mother he then had her put to death.  This barbarism led to a renewed revolt, and Alexander was driven out of Egypt into Myra, a city of Lycia.  In attempting, however, to cross into Cyprus, he was overtaken by the Egyptian fleet under Chabrias, and slain in battle.  By some writers Ptolemy Alexander is reckoned the ninth of the Ptolemies, and by others he is not included in the separate lists.  He married for his second wife Cleopatra Berenice, the daughter of his brother Lathyrus.  The name of his first wife, by whom he had a son called Ptolemy Alexander also, is not known.
    PTOLEMY (X.) ALEXANDER II.  The son of Ptolemy Alexander.  On the expulsion of his father from the throne of Egypt, B.C. 89, Ptolemy with his grandmother Celopatra took refuge in the Island of Cos, and on the death of Ptolemy Lathyrus claimed the crown against his step-mother Cleopatra Berenice.  By the assistance of Sylla and the Roman people, whom he promised to make heirs of his kingdom, Alexander II. was sent from Rome to reign jointly with his step-mother and to marry her, which he did, and the same day put her to death, thus leaving himself without a rival.  The natural consequence of the act was, however, a revolution in Alexandria, headed by his own guards, who dragged the king from his palace to the gymnasium, where they put him to death, B.C. 80, after a troubled reign of nine years. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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