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Origin of the name PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS.
Etymology of the name PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS.
Meaning of the baby name PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS.


PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS.  Ptolemy (II.) Philadelphus, "Brother Loving."  The son of Ptolemy Soter by his queen Berenice.  He was born B.C. 311, and became co-regent with his father B.C. 285, Ptolemy Soter himself taking the title of viceroy to his son.  He began his reign by a magnificent triumphal procession, followed by public games and shows.  His first troubles were a revolt in Cyrene, instigated by his half-sister Berenice.  This he soon quelled, and then, to secure his possession of Egypt, put to death his half-brothers by Eurydice, the first wife of his father, and sent a friendly embassy to Rome to congratulate the Senate upon its victory over Pyrrhus, thus commencing the intercourse between Egypt and the West which was ultimately to prove the ruin of his kingdom.  Being anxious to increase the Alexandrian library, founded by his father, he forbade the exportation of papyrus, chiefly to defeat the attempts of Philoterus, king of Pergamus, to found a rival institution.  This led to the more general use of leather for a writing material, in the form now called parchment, from Pergamena, where it was produced.  Prolemy Philadelphus also invited to Alexandria the leading scientific men of the day, including Demetrius Phalereus, once archon of Athens, who became his librarian; Zenodotus, Euclid, Ctesibus the mathematician, Theocritus and Callimachus the poets, Hegesius and Aristippus the philosophers, Philostephanus the naturalist, Aratus, Aristarchus,, Timocharis, and Claudius Ptolemy the geographer, besides many other writers of less note.  The priests of Egypt having made his mother, Berenice, a goddess, he held another series of festivals, and made further rich endowments in her name to the temples.  The chief temple of Philae was begun in his reign, and he also completed many other of the restored shrines of the older divinities.  The so-called Septuagint Version of the Old Testament was carried on by the orders of Ptolemy Philadelphus, who still further enlarged the privileges of the Jews and Greeks, and considerably increased the mercantile importance of Egypt.  He re-erected an obelisk of Nectanebo on the tomb of his sister Arsinöe at Alexandria, and died B.C. 247, after a splendid reign of thirty-seven years.  In the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus the historian Manetho, by the order of the king, compiled his lists of the Egyptian Dynasties. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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