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Origin of the name PTOLEMY PHYSCON.
Etymology of the name PTOLEMY PHYSCON.
Meaning of the baby name PTOLEMY PHYSCON.


PTOLEMY PHYSCON.  Ptolemy (VII.) Physcon, "Big Bellied."  A second son of Ptolemy Ephiphanes.  Although subordinate to his brother, he claimed to have been always the rightful king of Egypt, and hence on the death of Philometer he called the first year of his sole reign the twenty-fifth, having reigned before six years jointly with Ptolemy VI., and eighteen by himself as king of Cyrene.  Immediately upon his accession he was crowned with great state at Memphis, and to flatter the people of Memphis named his son Memphites after the name of that city.  He was very cruel and capricious, and soon after his coronation put away his wife and married her youngest daughter, his niece Cleopatra Cocce, an act for which he was universally detested.  The Roman Senate sent Scipio Africanus to congratulate him, and he was received with high honours by the Egyptian king.  He was still more unpopular than ever after the return of Scipio, and at last the people of Alexandria rose in revolt against him, and expelled him from the throne, setting up instead his divorced queen Cleopatra.  Upon that Physcon, who had already put to death her son by Philometer, now slew his own son by the queen, the prince Memphites, and sent the head, hands, and feet, in a box as a birthday present to her.  A fierce revolt followed, and Ptolemy was deposed; the kingdom of Egypt being thus lost to him, he claimed the throne of Syria against Demetrius, and the people of Alexandria then being afraid of Egypt being annexed to Syria dethroned Cleopatra, who had gone thither for help, and received Ptolemy Physcon back again as joint sovereign with her B.C. 125.  Physcon maintained a troubled empire for a few years longer, and died B.C. 117, having reigned in all fifty-four years, with the least credit of any of the Ptolemies who had preceded him.  He left the kingdom of Egypt to his second wife Cleopatra Cocce, and that of Cyrene to his illegitimate son Ptolemy Apion, who bequeathed it to the Romans.  The chief Archaic interest of the reign of Ptolemy Physcon consists in the great temple erected by the Jewish high-priest Onias at Tel el Yahoudeh, "Mound of the Jews," being built under his care and patronage, and as the temple itself was supposed to have been a copy in plan of that of Jerusalem, and its ruins have now been discovered.  Its ruins are of high value as settling several disputed questions on Jewish art. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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