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Origin of the name SEKHET.
Etymology of the name SEKHET.
Meaning of the baby name SEKHET.


SEKHET.  "Field" or "Garden." (The Theosophical Review, v. 36, 1905).  An Egyptian priestess of Amen Ra, the sister of the great officer Rere, of the XIXth dynasty.
    Sekhet, the goddess whose name was formerly written Pasht.  She was the daughter of Ra, and the consort of the god Pthah, whence one of her chief titles was derived, "The First Friend of Pthah."  She was represented as a lion-headed woman, having upon her head the lunar horns and solar disk, and holding in her hands either the crux ansata, and the papyrus staff of the goddesses, or else a kind of shield or aegis, and a basket.  She was a destroying deity, and seemed to symbolise the deathly power of the sun's rays.  She had also as an infernal deity the care of the Egyptian hell, and the direction of the torture of the souls immured therein.  Sekhet had a variety of offices and attributes, and bore different names in them all.  As the goddess of Northern Egypt she was Uatit; as the consort of the god Shu, and his associate in the destruction of mankind at the command of Ra, she was named Tefnut; as the creatress of the Asiatic or yellow race, a race despised by the Egyptians and regarded as impure, she was called Pasht (?) and in her more favourable aspect, as the protectress of mankind, she was called Beset, from whence was derived the Bubastis of the Greek writers.  In this last characteristic she was figured as holding a sistrum or a vase for libation, and the cat was especially sacred to her.  The Greeks equated her with Diana, and possibly Latona.  Seti I. built a temple for her adoration at Speos Artemidos, after his return from his Syrian victories. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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