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Origin of the name SHEENA.
Etymology of the name SHEENA.
Meaning of the baby name SHEENA.


SHEENA.  An Anglicized form of Scottish Sìne and Welsh Siân (q.v.), forms of Jane (q.v.), meaning "Jehovah's gift (or grace)."  Also see Seanna, Seona, Shauna, Shawna, Sheenagh, Shena, Sheona, Shona, Síne
    Sheena Easton, a Scottish recording artist.  Sheena Duncan (d. 2010), was a South African anti-Apartheid activist. (Wiki)

SHEENA.  Irish.  Often the same as the Scottish and Welsh Sheena.  But sometimes it may be the place name Sheena in Leitrim (Sheeny in Meath, and Fermanagh, and Sheeana in Wicklow), a form of the Irish plural sidhne, meaning "from the fairy hills."  Also spelled Shena.
    Sheena Tosta, an American hurdler.  Sheena Queen of the Jungle, a comic jungle girl in the Great Britain and the U.S. (Wiki)

    While sidheóg means a fairy, the other diminutive sidheán [sheeawn] is always applied to a fairy mount.  The word is used in this sense all over Ireland, but it is particularly common in Connaught, where these sheeauns are met with in great numbers; they are generally beautiful green round hillocks, with an old fort on the summit.  Their numbers would lead one to believe that in old times, some parts of Connaught must have been more thickly peopled with fairies than with men.
    Great numbers of places have taken their names from these haunted hills; and the word assumes various forms, such as Sheaun, Sheehaun, Sheean, and Shean, which give names to about thirty townlands scattered through the four provinces.  It is not unfrequently changed to Sion, as in the parish of Laraghbryan in Kildare, where the place now so called evidently took its name from a sheeaun, for it is written Shiane in an Inquisition of James I.; and there are several other instances of this odd corruption.  Near Ballybay, in Monaghan, is a place called Shane, another form of the word; and the plural Shanes, fairy hills, occurs in the parish of Loughguile, Antrim.  Sheena in Leitrim, Sheeny in Meath, and Fermanagh, and Sheeana in Wicklow, are different forms of the Irish plural sidhne, fairy hills. (The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places, Joyce, 1869).


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