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Origin of the name SIBYL.
Etymology of the name SIBYL.
Meaning of the baby name SIBYL.


SIBYL (Σίβύλ).  Greek form of Italian Sibulla (q.v.), meaning "a wise old woman," i.e. "a prophetess."  Cornish Sibilley.  French Sibille.  Usage: America, Australia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Wales.
    Sibyl Enid Vera Munro Morrison (d. 1961), was the first female barrister in New South Wales, Australia.  Sibyl Moholy-Nagy (d. 1971), was the daughter of the Werkbund architect Martin Pietzsch.  Sibyl Buck, an American musician and former fashion model. (Wiki)

... the Cumean Sibyl, who guided Æneas to the infernal regions, was said to be the same who brought the prophetic books for sale to Tarquinius Priscus, and on each refusal of the sum that she demanded for them, carried them off, destroyed one, and brought the rest back rated at a higher price.  The single remaining roll bought by the king was said to contain all the mysterious prophecies that were afterwards verified by the course of events, and above all, that prediction of the coming rule of peace, which Virgil, following Theocritus, embodied in his eclogue as fulfilled in Augustus.  That eclogue, flattery though it were, won for Virgil his semi-Christian fame, and caused the learned men of Italy to erect the Sibyls into the personifications of heathen presages of Gospel truth—"Teste David cum Sibylla,"—as says the glorious hymn uniting the voices of Hebrew and Gentile prophecy; and in this character do Michel Angelo's magnificent Sibyls adorn the Sistine Chapel; though later painters, such as Guido and Domenichino, made them more models of female intellectual beauty... (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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