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Origin of the name SATURN.
Etymology of the name SATURN.
Meaning of the baby name SATURN.


SATURN.  An ancient Roman deity, a god of seed-time and harvest.  The name Saturninus is derived from a root meaning "to sow."  In an inscription it occurs as Sacturnus. 

... after the birth of Zeus, Rhea tricked Cronos into swallowing a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Zeus, as he grew up, persuaded his father to disgorge his elder children and presently began the war against the forceful rule of the Titans that he might establish a reign of law.  After a fierce conflict Cronus was cast into Tartarus.  (See Jupiter.)  Later poets represent him as afterward released and ruling in happiness over the Islands of the Blessed.  Only at Athens and Olympia were there special shrines and offerings to Cronus, and a festival in his honor, the Cronia.  His rule, too, was accounted, in some storie, a golden age; he was also a god of harvests.  The erroneous idea that he was a god of time arose through an easy confusion of Κρόνος, Kronos, and Χρόνος, Chronos, time... (An Encyclopedia of Religions, Canney, 1921)


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