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SEB.  "Time."  In Egyptian mythology the deity Seb was regarded as a kind of cosmical deity, and as such the oldest of and the father of the gods.  In other words, he represented the earth, as his consort the goddess Nut did the heavens.  Seb was rarely figured, but when he was referred to it was as the "Great Cackler" or goose which laid the cosmic egg; hence the goose was both the symbol of his person and the Hieroglyphic of his name.  Sometimes Seb was represented on the papyri as a human figure, sitting or lying on the ground, with vegetation either proceding from or covering his body, while his consort Nut is bending like an arch over him.  Occasionally, also Seb was called the "Lord of Aliments," and was figured ithyphallically.  Like Osiris and Horus he was said to have reigned for a mystical period upon earth, and to have been one of the first of the gods that did so: hence he was also often called on the monuments, "The Father of the Gods."
    Seb, the son of Hui, the "Auditor of the Palace of Justice" in the reign of an unnamed king of the XVIIIth dynasty. 
    Seb, a city and nome in Upper Egypt which was called Oxyrynchus by the Greeks.  It was sacred to the deity Anubis. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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