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SEBEK.  Egyptian name meaning "the uniter," from the root sbk (to join). (The Ruling Races of Pre-historic Times, Hewitt, 1894)

SEBEK.  One of the solar deities of the Egyptians.  He was represented as a man with the head of a crocodile, surmounted by the solar disk and ram's horns of Amen Ra.  He was regarded also as the son of Osiris, therefore assimilated to Horus in his character of Teti, "The Avenger."  The date of the cultus of Sebek goes back to a remote period in Egyptian history, and his chief temple was at Ombos.  It would seem, from the accounts of Herodotus, that his worship, in which the crocodile was sacred, was chiefly local and led to severe conflicts with the men of Tentyra, by whom that animal was always destroyed.  Statues of this divinity are rarely found, and his chief influence appears to have been under the XIIIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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