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Origin of the name SENNACHERIB.
Etymology of the name SENNACHERIB.
Meaning of the baby name SENNACHERIB.


SENNACHERIB.  Sin-akhi-erba, "Sin has multiplied her brothers."  A younger son of Sargon.  He succeeded his father, B.C. 705, and defeated an insurrection in Babylonia, headed by Merodach-Baladan, shortly after; upon which Bel-ibni was made king of Babylonia.  After the conquest of the Kassi and of Ellipi (Ispahan), Sennacherib invaded Palestine, B.C. 701, captured Zidon and other Phenician cities, took Askelon and its king Zidka, obliged the revolters in Ekron to receive back their king Padiah (who had been kept a prisoner in Jerusalem by Hezekiah), defeated the Egyptian and Ethiopian forces at Eltakeh, and overran Judaea, taking forty-six fortified cities, and large quantities of cattle and treasure, and carrying 200,150 persons into captivity.  Hezekiah sent thirty talents of gold and 800 talents of silver, besides other treasures, in the hope of making peace; Sennacherib, however, gave portions of the Judaean territory to the Philistine princes, and sent a force to besiege Jerusalem.  This having been destroyed (2 King xix. 35), Sennacherib returned to Nineveh, and in the following year (B.C. 700), drove Merodach-Baladin out of Babylonia to Nagitu, at the mouth of the Eulaeus, overthrew Suzub, who had revolted in Southern Babylonia, and made his own eldest son, Assur-nadin-suma, king of Babylon.  The tribes in the North, from Lake Van to Cilicia, were next reduced, and in B.C. 697 Sennacherib had a fleet built and manned by Phenicians, in the Persian Gulf, with which he destroyed Nagitu.  A revolt had meanwhile broken out in Babylonia, under Suzub, but it was soon repressed, and Erech sacked.  About B.C. 695, Sennacherib finished his great palace at Nineveh, and two or three years later overthrew the combined forces of Suzub and Ummanminan of Elam, in a decisive and bloody battle at Khalule.  In B.C. 691 Babylon was besieged and razed to the ground.  In December, B.C. 681, Sennacherib was murdered by his two eldest sons, Adrammelech and Nergal-sharezer. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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