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Origin of the name SAMANTHA.
Etymology of the name SAMANTHA.
Meaning of the baby name SAMANTHA.


SAMANTHA.  m.  A variant of Hindu Sámanta (q.v.), meaning "captain, champion, or leader."  This is the name of a future Buddha, the reborn Gayâkâsyapa, who is to be called in full, Samantha-prabhâsa.

GAYÂKÂS'YAPA (Singh. Gayâkâsyapa) a brother of Mahâkâs'yapa, said to have been formerly a fire-worshipper.  He is mentioned among 11 foremost disciples of S'âkyamuni, and is to be reborn as Buddha under the name Samantha-prabhâsa. (Hand-book for the Student of Chinese Buddhism, Eitel, 1870.

SAMANTHA.  f.  A name said to have first arisen in the southern states of America in the 18th century, and to possibly be a new feminine for Samuel, composed of Sam ("asked of God") and -antha from Anthea ("lady of flowers").
      But the name was chosen for a fictional witch in the American television series Bewitched, whose magical spells are much like the imperial sway of the Hindu Saman; see the article below.  The name is probably the same as the masculine Hindu name above, meaning "captain, champion, or leader."
    Samantha Nicole Peszek, an American national team gymnast.  Samantha Juditch Ronson, an English singer and songwriter.  Lady Samantha Gwendoline Cameron, a British business executive. (Wiki)

23.  He then sings a Saman (hymn-tune), for the Saman means lordship (kshatra): with lordship he thus consecrates him; or the Saman means imperial sway: by means of imperial sway he thus causes him to attain imperial sway.  And, indeed, the Saman is the essence of all the Vedas: he thus consecrates him with the essence of all the Vedas. (The Sacred Books of the East: The Satapatha-Brahmana, Müller, 1900)


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