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Origin of the name SHEBA.
Etymology of the name SHEBA.
Meaning of the baby name SHEBA.


SHEBA (שֶׁבַע).  f.  Hebrew name meaning "an oath."  It is a short form of Bath-Sheba (q.v.).  Also spelled Shebah, and Sheva.  It is the same as the masculine Sheba No. (2).

SHEBA (שְׁוָא).  mBiblical. (1) [Hebrew, from Old Arabic Saba, Seba = "a man" (?).  Or the name of a god.].  See Saba, and Sabah.  Also spelled Sheva.

    I.  Men.
    (1) A son of Raamah, and a grandson of Cush (Gen. x. 7; 1 Chron. i. 9).
    (2) A son of Joktan (Gen. x. 28).
    (3) A son of Jokshan, and a grandson of Abraham by Keturah (Gen. xxv. 3).
    II. Places.
    (1)  The Cushite Sheba. [I. (1).]  Stanley Poole locates his descendants in an island in the Persian Gulf, where there are ruins of a place called Sebà.  He considers that Ezek. xxvii. 22, 23 refers to this Sheba.
    (2) The Joktanite Sheba. [I. (2).]  It was from this that the queen of Sheba came; and as the presents which she brought to Solomon were camel-loads of spices, gold, and precious stones, it may be inferred that these were the chief products of the region, and they are continually mentioned as being so (1 Kings x. 1-10; 2 Chron. ix. 1-9; Psalm lxxii. 10, 15; Isa. lx. 6; Jer. vi. 20; Ezek. xxvii. 22, 23 [?]).  Job associates Sheba with Tema (Job vi. 19).  Our Lord called the queen of Sheba the queen of the South, implying that Sheba was south from Palestine (Matt. xii. 42; Luke xi. 31).  It is considered to have been the same as the Arabian kingdom called Saba.  It rose into power by the conquest of Ma'in, or the Minaean kingdom.  The earliest mention of it on Arabian inscriptions shows that it was flourishing about the eighth century B.C. (Prof. Sayce in Contemporary Review for December, 1890).  The capital of Sheba was where we now find the ruin of Mareb, in the south-western corner of Arabia.
    (3) The Jokshanite Sheba. [I. (3).]  If he was the progenitor of the Sabeans who carried away Job's cattle (Job i. 15), then they must have roamed through the region adjacent to Edom. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)

SHEBA (שֶׁבַע).  mBiblical. (2) [Hebrew = "(the sacred number) seven"; "an oath."  The Hebrew spelling is not the same as that of No. (1)].

    I. A Place.
    A Simeonite town, mentioned along with, but apparently distinct from, Beer-sheba (Josh. xix. 2).  It is placed on the survey map, without a query, at Seb'a, 3 miles east of Beer-sheba.
    II. Men.
    (1) A Benjamite, a son of Bichri.  When, after the collapse of Absalom's rebellion, the ten tribes concurred with the two in restoring David to his throne, Sheba blew a trumpet, and summoned the ten tribes to renounce their allegiance.  At first he was largely successful, and David, evidently alarmed, sent out first Amasa, and then, because that commander-in-chief was dilatory, Abishai and Joab.  Joab treacherously assassinated Amasa; and, ignoring Abishai, pursued Sheba to Beth-Maachah, which was at once besieged.  On this, "a wise woman," after a brief parley, terminated both the siege and the rebellion by flinging the traitor's head over the wall to Joab (2 Sam. xx. 1-22).
    (2) One of the chief men in the tribe of Gad at an intermediate date (1 Chron. v. 13). (Ibid., Hunter, 1894)


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