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Origin of the name TAIA.
Etymology of the name TAIA.
Meaning of the baby name TAIA.


TAIA.  A noble lady of an unknown Japhetic tribe, the daughter of a chief named Iuaa, and his wife Tuaa.  She became the wife of Amenhotep III., king of Egypt, and the regent of the kingdom during the reign of her son Amenhotep IV.  Taia exercised a powerful influence over both her husband and son, and forcibly introduced the worship of the solar disk under the name of Aten Ra in place of the deities of the national polytheistic religion, changing the capital city from Thebes to Tel el Amarna, the better to effect her purpose.  This led to a revolution, which probably cost the lives of both her son and herself, as is implied in the complete destruction of all her temples, and the erasure of her name from the monuments of Egypt.  See Amenhotep III. and IV., and Khuenaten.
    Taia, the daughter of Ua, the scribe of the cavalry of an Egyptian king of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Taia, a pallacist of Isis, and the wife of Un-nefer, high-priest of Osiris in the reign of Rameses II. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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