Origin of the name TATIANA.
Etymology of the name TATIANA.
Meaning of the baby name TATIANA.


TATIANA (Татья́на).  Another spelling of Russian Tatyana (q.v.), a name of Kaffir origin, meaning "a small mountain."  Greek (Τατιάνα).  This is also the Latin spelling.  And along with Tatana, it is also used in Germany.

... The later of years of the Grand Duke Constantine's life were spent in his beautiful retreat at Pavlovsk, where, it is said, he lived under police supervision.  Towards his last days he had been bereft by paralysis of the power of speech, and could only scrawl in characters in blue pencil a sort of indication of his wishes.  Thus, when the birth of a granddaughter was announced to him, he scrawled the typical Russian national name of Tatiana, which Pushkin had immortalised; and it is said that in obedience to that implied command she was the first Russian Imperial Princess to be christened with a truly Russian name... (The Court of Russia in the Nineteenth Century, Hodgetts, v.2, 1908)


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