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Origin of the name THOTH.
Etymology of the name THOTH.
Meaning of the baby name THOTH.


THOTH (Θωθ).  Greco-Egyptian name meaning "ibis," or, possibly, "the essence of all things."  Also see Dhouti.

... Thoth was the original name of Mercury in Egypt.  His worship under this name was transferred to the Teutoni and Celtæ, who understood by the word, "the active principle; the soul of the world; the essence of all things." (A Classical Manual, Pope-Dryden, 1833)

THOTH.  Or Tahutia.  The Egyptian deity of written learning, the author of the mystical Book of Life, and of the mystical treatise on medicine and sacred literature, which were afterwards called by the Greeks the Hermetic books, and himself, as the author of them, Hermes Trismagistus, and in his character of introducer of the souls in Hades Psychopompos.  This deity had, like many of the other Egyptian gods, a variety of names, and a variety of occupations, which led to his identification with many of the chief divinities, by virtue of a parity of offices.  He was called on a statue in the Leyden Museum, "He who is the Good Saviour," and on some of the funereal papyri he takes the place of Anubis, or even Horus, with respect to the soul of the deceased.  "He was the faithful councillor of Osiris; he aided Horus in his pious combats which he undertook on behalf of his father with the evil being Set.  Like Horus, to him was attributed the special honour of having justified his father Osiris against his enemies, and by similitude the soul of the deceased, as an hypostasis of Osiris likewise.  In the Hall of the Two Truths it was the duty of Thoth to weigh the soul of the deceased, and to read from his tablets a record of his actions in the past life.  Thoth was also the god of writing, and the founder of all the sciences.  He brought to the gods a translation of all the sacred books, and he was called the "Scribe of the Gods," and the "Lord of the Divine Words" (in this attribute he was represented on the funereal papyri and in the Ritual of the Dead as furnishing the deceased with the book of mystical instructions, armed with which he would be able to repel all the assaults of his spiritual foes in the underworld, and to force an entrance into Amenti itself by pronouncing the secret names of the great gods).  In another form the god Thoth was identified with the moon, in which case he was represented with the head of an ibis, surmounted by the horns and lunar disk; but oftentimes he was figured with a human head, having that of the ibis as a coiffure and wearing the Atef crown (and still more rarely as a double-headed Ibis, as regarding the past and the future of human life at one time).  As Thoth-Aah, or Thoth the Moon, he was generally entirely naked, and in the figure of an infant with thin bowed thighs, possibly to indicate the moon in its first quarter.  At other times he was represented as an adult man, bearded and wearing the short loin cloth, or Shenti, of the Egyptians; sometimes he carried in his hand the eye of Horus, the symbol of the full moon, and, in common with all the other divinities, the Cucufa or Uas sceptre and crux ansata.  In his latter characteristics Thoth was regarded as one and the same with Khonsu of Thebes.  The Cynocephalus ape was also sacred to the god Thoth and hieroglyphically figured for him." (De Rougé.).
    Thoth.  Among the ancient Egyptians the sacred festival of the first day of the month.
    Thoth.  An Egyptian royal scribe, and overseer of the district of foreigners.  Period uncertain.
    ThothOr Tahutia.  An Egyptian officer in the reign of Rameses III., who treacherously delivered up to his master a fortress of the Emu, into which he had obtained access by stratagem. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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