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Origin of the name THOTHMES.
Etymology of the name THOTHMES.
Meaning of the baby name THOTHMES.


THOTHMES.  "Son of Thoth."  See also Thoth-mes.
    Thothmes I.  Surnamed Ra-aa-kheper-ka.  An Egyptian king of the XVIIIth dynasty.  He followed up the conquests of his father Aahmes I. in Ethiopia, defeated the Canaanites of Palestine, and crossing the Euphrates conquered the Rotennu at the battle of Circesium, the Carchemish of Hebrew history.  He then fought against and subdued the Assyrians near Nineveh, being the first Egyptian monarch who led an army into Asia, and returning to Egypt introduced studs of chariot horses.  Thothmes commenced the great temples of Karnak in Upper Egypt, and completely incorporated the Ethiopians with his kingdom, making his son "Prince Royal of Ethiopia."  He reigned twenty-one, or according to Manetho thirteen years, and was worshipped as a deity after his decease.  He was the Thothmoses of the Greeks.
    Thoth-mes II.  Surnamed Ra-aa-kheper-en.  The son and successor of Thothmes I.  He appears to have been a weak monarch, and to have been under the regency of his sister Hatasu, whom according to some accounts he married.  He reigned but a few years, during which however he represented a revolt in Ethiopia.  On his return he was apparently dethroned by a revolution, of which no records remain.  He was nominally succeeded by his brother Thothmes III., but practically by Hatasu, who reigned alone.
    Thotmes III.  Surnamed Menkhepera and Ra-men-khepera-user-mat, "Holder of the Plains of the Sati."  The second son of Thothmes I., and the greatest king of the XVIIIth dynasty.  His empire extended over the countries now called Abyssinia, Soudan, Nubia, Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Kurdistan, and Armenia.  The earlier years of his reign were passed under the regency of his sister Hatasu, whom he probably drove into retirement, as after her death he effaced all the inscriptions bearing her name upon the monuments of Egypt.  He opened a road for the commerce of Egypt to Central Asia by defeating the allied Syrian kings at the battle of Megiddo.  He made no less than six expeditions into Syria, subjugating the Rotennu and the Assyrians.  He built a fleet of ships on the Euphrates, and conquered the Isles of Cypus and Crete in the Archipelago, reducing the Phoenicians and Pelasgic races.  Botanical and Zoological gardens were first planted by him, and the practice of making slave hunting expeditions into the South dates from his time.  Nearly all of the great temples of Upper Egypt were either founded or enlarged during his reign.  He finally extended his conquests to the very borders of Egypt, and died in his sixtieth year after having held the throne of Egypt for fifty-four years.  The chief buildings erected or begun by Thothmes III. were the temple of Ra at Amada, the temple of Osirtesen III. (as a god) at Semneh, other smaller temples at Mount Doshe, at the Isle of Sai, at Korte, Ombos, Pselcis, and Talmis, all in Ethiopia.  In Egypt proper he built a magnificent palace temple at Gourneh, which was afterwards finished by Seti I.  He also erected temples at Esneh, Hermonthis, and above all Thebes at Karnak.  Monuments recording the reign of Thothmes have been found on the borders of Algeria, and in the Island of Kypros, and the chief fictile and artistic remains of the Egyptian empire date either from his reign or that of the Ramesside kings. 
    Thothmes IV.  Surnamed Kha-khau-ra-men-kheperu.  The successor of Amenhotep II.  Few annals of his reign remain, but he was able to hold the empire of his father together.  He ascribed his elevation to the throne chiefly to the favour of the god Ra, symbolised by the great sphynx, in front of which he built a small temple between its paws.  He conquered or re-subdued some Negro tribes to the South of Egypt, and greatly improved the cities of Heliopolis and Memphis.  Thothmes IV. died after a short reign of nine years, when he was succeeded by Amenhotep III. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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